Thursday, 22 May 2014

Craft, Adventures and Getting Mad

(not real cigarette smoke, kids!)


Oh my goodness it's been over three weeks since my last blog post! I'm going to make a habit of making more frequent, less detailed posts sometimes, because golly I just don't think I can pump out much else at the moment. I've been so busy, gosh! So I thought I would just do a catch-up post today letting you know what I've been up to recently. Take it away, blog!

1. Craft!

Annika and I have been crafting up a storm every Tuesday afternoon/ late into the evening. We've knighted the monumental event "Craft and Crumble Tuesday" because we've been crafting AND making apple crumble (AND eating lots of it). I've really started to schedule my week around Tuesdays now- I think Annika and I both rely on it to take a break and do something productive (we're not very good at just sitting still). Mainly we've been using polymer clay, my new best friend.

I'm a vegetarian, but that doesn't preclude me from making eggs and bakey brooches. I've justified it when I go out to my favourite vegetarian restaurants by saying that it is 'eggs and fake-on'. Annika and I made a DIY tutorial here for the fried egg, check it out!

When I was at school, I was in a pottery club called "The Mud Club". So I am tripping pretty hard on nostalgia at the moment. Also yep. The Mud Club. I was also a debating nerd.

I've also made a few things with shrinkie plastic- the stuff is magical. You just write on a sheet of plastic, cut it out, put it in the oven and it shrinks and hardens. I think I have taken my recent anger out on them though- poor plastic.

This ring is probably my favourite thing ever now.

Nothing says 'fuck you' like a flower, right?

2. Rallies/ Getting Angry

So for those who live in Australia, or for those with an interest in Australian politics, you may be aware of the recent budget proposed by our government. This budget proposes severe cuts to education, welfare, healthcare and more, and is essentially an unprecedented and undeniable attack on the most vulnerable. I won't go into this too much right now as I am literally shaking with anger. But I am not the only one. Around the country, the young, the unemployed, the sick and the old have been making some noise. I hope that it is only the beginning of some pretty massive action against this long-corrupt government.

Last Saturday was March in May, and yesterday students participated in a national day of action against the cuts and deregulation of tertiary education. I've scoured the news for my face, but the best bit was that there were so many people attending both rallies (we're talking tens of thousands) that it was impossible to tell us apart as we all marched and cried together.

Sorry for my language, but Tony Abbott, sir, fuck you.

3.Giving Talks?

Okay so this is a little more positive. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been volunteering with The Trading Circle, a Fair Trade not-for-profit retailer working specifically with girl and women producers around the world. It's been an amazing experience so far, and I have already had the honour of acting as a representative for them at a Fair Trade event hosted in Sydney a couple of weeks ago.

I gave a speech on the purpose and function of Fair Trade industry, as well as discussing the gendering of poverty. It went really well and I met some amazing people! 

4. Performing

I've been performing a bit lately!  I play the guitar and sing, and also play the piccolo flute if I have drunk enough wine. I have a YouTube channel which is mainly crap from when I was a teenager, but feel free to check it out here. I went to the National Folk Festival in Canberra a little while ago and ended up performing at a blackboard gig there, as well as attending a bunch of sessions, which was pretty damn awesome.

I also performed recently for The Trading Circle's Fair Trade coffee launch. I helped organise the day with a bunch of amazing volunteers and staff, and we arranged for some really great live musicians. The only thing was, the day before, a bunch pulled out. So I had a lot to juggle- I ended up performing two two-hour sets, as well as making coffee, face-painting (apparently I am really good at drawing spiderwebs-the more you know) and general running around. It was a massive day, and so many of my amazing friends turned up and lent a hand- it was a huge success.

5. Wearing Things

I've been wearing some pretty ridiculous things lately, and not really having the time to take a proper shoot, so resorting to either taking selfies or bullying my boyfriend into taking blurry candids of me on my phone (he really, really hates it and it shows through the picture quality). 

So here are some recent ad-thread-tures! (I just made that up then, please don't judge me).

I love this shirt I found at my favourite thrift shop. It's massive, so I've been folding the sleeves and tying it to
crop it, or tucking it into something high-waisted.

I'm so so happy with these thrifted vintage converse. I got them for $10, put them straight on and skipped home with glee. They have a rainbow zip on the back as well as rainbow detailing and stitching all over them. 

I also thrifted this amazing 60's key-hole dress and denim vest. I wore this outfit to a student rally, complete with hair legs and my fuck-you flower badge. 

Well, that concludes my most rambly post to date! Hope you are all having a most wonderful week. 

Love, Katie :-)


  1. I absolutely loved this post! You are such a vibrant person and your voice is so sweet.. and I could never, ever have given a speech in front of an audience. (I've tried debating and it did not go well, I pretty much passed out whenever it was my turn).

  2. love your style! you are so awesome

  3. the bee blouse is so pretty!!! You are so cool and creative :) those DIY brooches are awesome - I want the ice cream, the banana and obviously the bacon&eggs since I'm constantly eating them^^ You can have vegan bacon though, can't you? Hope so! xx

  4. This is such an inspiring post! Makes me want to do so much more :-)