Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Feminist in Finland


Quick post from me today to let you all know that I am currently in Finland! It's been a few days now staying in the country side just out of Helsinki, and it is so incredibly beautiful. I have been here once before- my boyfriend's family is Finnish, so we have lots of people to stay with. We are also going to travel into Sweden and Estonia! I have been to Estonia before, but not Sweden, so it should be amazing. Scandinavia and some of the Baltic really just seem to do things better than further south. I think the further North you get the better it all seems to be. 

For instance, at the moment it is Summer in Finland. It is Winter in Australia. Duh? Finland obviously wins. Also the Summer is magical and bizarre; sunlight almost 24/7, incredibly green and also just to top it off, there are fucking wild strawberries everywhere:

They just grow everywhere, like on the side of the road or your backyard or the forest or on your face or in your tea. They are tiny and very red, and they are sweeter than normal strawberries. They taste like strawberry flavoured sherbert. 

Oh my god.

Everything is just like a fairytale. There are woodpeckers, and deer, and actual cuckoo birds that make actual cuckoo sounds. Like the clock. I thought it was someones phone when they went off this morning. Ridiculous.


Also, people do things like make their fences out of giant coloured pencils. 

I brought a ridiculous amount of aprons with me, and I am hellbent on normalising them for day-to-day wear. I mean, how cute is this hand-made apron I bought off a woman online? Why would you limit this kind of thing to cooking? Looks cute, and protects your clothes from strawberry stains. Win win. I have loved dressing really quaint and feminine, but doing big hikes and getting really dirty and climbing trees and such.

Jumper is a hand-me-down
Dress is thrifted
Apron is hand-made
Scarf is thrifted
Socks are from a gift shop in Rovaniemi (Northern Finland- Santa Land!)
Shoes are thrifted and slowly dying
Thermal leggings... are my mums. Thanks mum.
Hat is from a flea market in Estonia. An old woman bullied me into buying it a couple of years ago.
Brooch is handmade by me
Earrings are handmade by me

Just to top everything off, Finland is one of the biggest pioneers in terms of Feminism. They were the first country with unrestricted voting rights, they are the second in the world for the Gender Gap Index and feminist values are basically threaded into their legislation. Parental leave is also 263 days a year and the state funds childcare and school meals! Not to mention the fantastic tertiary education system, and also the fact that women are studying things like mathematics and computer science (32 percent of them) which is well above the global standard. 

So basically, if I am going to attempt to make so bold a move as choose to change the meaning of wearing an apron in a performative manner, Finland is a pretty safe place to give it a shot.

Annnnnd that's Finland!

More from me soon!

xo Katie


  1. I read on Annika's blog that you were wearing an apron as regular clothes and was so excited to see! and here it is :D also: that last photo of you is so incredibly gorgeous <3

    1. Thank you! I bought 3 aprons with me, haha! :-D you're lovely! X

  2. Finland is so amazing! I hope you have a lot of fun :)

  3. I love that you're nomalising aprons. They're super cute.


  4. I've always wanted to visit Finland, even more so after reading this! It's always struck me as such a fascinating and beautiful country. Your outfit kind of reminds me of Japanese dolly kei fashions, I love it!

  5. You look so cozy, hehe. I love your jumper. And I'd so love to visit Finland, it seems like a great place!

  6. Oh it looks and sounds incredible there! I love the photos are your adorable outfit <3

  7. Wow so beautiful & awesome! I wish I was there/lived in the pencil fence place!


  8. Wonderful photos! I have wanted to visit Finland for so many years. Please post more of your travels. :)

  9. Woah, I'm so surprised right now. Sorry, I don't even have words to say anything.

    - The Finn :D

  10. Your and Annika's clay creations are coming along nicely! The rolling pin brooch looks so delicate. I find a lot of my little polymer clay models are a bit flimsy and have a tendency to break off.

    Finland looks beautiful! Would you consider moving there with your boyfriend one day? When a country like ours seems to be falling into environmental peril and social turmoil it seems tempting to jump ship to a more progressive country (if you have the means to do so).
    Happy travels! xx

  11. I always wonder why the rest of the world doesn't just look at Finland and start taking notes. I mean, so much stuff there is fantastic. They have really love re-offending rates for the prison system too. It's one of those weird things where most of the world tends to ignore Scandanavia and then they top all the charts every year for things like literacy, life expectancy etc.

    Also, love the pencil fence!

  12. Just commenting to tell you that I nominated you for a Liebster Award (which is sort of a Q&A-get-to-know-your-fellow-bloggers-award) on my blog.

  13. Everything about this post Katie is magical!! I spent Christmas in Sweden a few years ago but didn't make it across to Finland.. I'm sad now I didn't!! It looks like a childhood picture book! What a special place. Looking forward to following your adventures xx

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