Sunday, 31 August 2014

Imaginary You Doesn't Wear Crop-Tops

(quick note- I started writing this about a week ago when I hadn't finished moving. Just thought I should mention for the sake of chronology!)

Hallo everyone!

I open yet again by apologising for my infrequent posts. Life has been a bit tricky lately. I'm moving to an amazing house, and I'm super excited, but it is stressful. I am currently sitting on top of a pile of my own junk in a carebear onesie mourning the loss of a can of Jack Daniels, which has seemingly been eaten up by the endless black hole of clothes and knicknacks. So instead of wistfully drinking and crying and sorting my socks, I have decided that I'm gonna get down to business on my blog.

(yeah, here's a picture for context.)

Ha! Take it away procrastiKatie (excellent play on words there)!

I like this outfit because I have my cute belly out on display. I have struggled with self image issues for years so now getting my belly or booty out is an incredibly freeing experience. Back in the day (oh, high school), I had the same size waist as my now seven year old brother, and I wore almost exclusively baggy clothes, and I was incredibly anti-social and tired all the time. I would have secret dress-ups in my room, trying on all of the things that apparently my body didn't deserve to wear in public.

Now that I am a lot healthier, I dare myself to do all the things that I once put on the back burner for the time I would magically wake up inhabiting the body that I wanted. I was chasing my own shadow, trying to meet a constantly higher standard. And I never got to meet her. Because that version of myself will never really exist. And even if she did, I don't think I'd want to know her. I have too many wonderful people to fill up my days.


... Like Annika! This morning we ate our weight in McDonalds hotcakes, and when she caught me counting calories she quickly jumped on my case, and started competing with me to see who could eat the most calories. My friend Billy went back and bought a second McMuffin just to take over my calorie intake. 

I would much rather fill up my life with wonderful people like Billy and Annika than with people like imaginary thin Katie. And that goes for all things. We are always setting ourselves ridiculous goals that in reality have nothing to do with bettering ourselves because they are based on a version of ourselves that doesn't exist. Imaginary you. 

Katie Wears:
White shirt- thrifted
Gingham Pants- thrifted, orignally Annika's
Pink Boots- hand-me down... from um.. Annika
Choker- bought online
M&M and Pill Earrings- from a market

Annika Wears:
Shoes- Yes Walker (shop doesn't exist anymore)
Bag- Thrifted
Socks- from a market

Content Warning-- SUPER CHEESY PART!

And yeah, you can gain weight, lose weight, dye your hair, exercise more, any of these things, if it is part of the narrative of loving yourself. And you have to start from love, because resenting the person that you 'were' is never productive. Give your poor awkward high-school self a little credit, and give your belly a comforting hug. Love what you have, and work from there.

I'll leave you with an Amanda Palmer song that I think covers all of this pretty excellently. Give it a listen and have a lovely day!

Love, Katie

Saturday, 30 August 2014

New Happy House/ The End of Winter

Hallo there!

So I have just moved to the most wonderful house. It is huge, light and has a super huge front and back garden featuring an avocado tree, a mango tree, a macadamia nut tree, a mandarin tree, a nectarine tree, a jacaranda tree and heaps of spinach, parsley and rosemary. My old apartment was basically a shed, with no balcony and about three powerpoints in the whole place. This new house has like, floorboards. And chandeliers. And a dishwasher! AND A GARAGE.


The most wonderful thing about moving to my new house is realising just how much your surroundings affect your mood. I have been much more relaxed and happy (albeit exhausted from lifting all the things) since moving here. My room has its own balcony access, and being able to just make a cup of tea and sit in the sun and look at the garden has lifted my spirits. It's also the end of Winter here in Australia, so the sun has been making an appearance! It's like I have a new lease on life. I even brushed my hair today.

Yesterday Annika was feeling pretty blue, so my house mates and I drove over to pick her up and she's been living here ever since. Last night we had a slumber party- well sort of, she doesn't like snuggling, she goes to bed early and wakes up early and grumpy and hates all kinds of morning light, where as I like to throw my body on whoever/ whatever is closest as I sleep, stay up late, and love to wake up with bright sunlight. I pretty much love Annika when she is grumpy though, and she wasn't grumpy for long after we took the opportunity to dress like spring babes to celebrate the end of Winter!

These photos were taken when we were locked out of my house because I forgot to bring my keys when we left for breakfast this morning. Having to wait an hour in the sun sitting on my front lawn was hardly a bad thing though, and overall the experience has brightened my already pretty damn bright day. Seriously, there should be a law against being this relaxed and happy.

Now about my clothes! My dress is thrifted, as this lovely silk shirt I found. I love the detail on the breast pocket, and the silk feels so beautiful. My tights are from Annika's shop, and my socks... umm I accidentally stole them from a department store once. It was a large chain shop, with unethical processes of production... so I don't feel too bad. Don't steal though kids! But if you accidentally steal from an evil super-capitalist chain, well, I'm not going to judge you. 

This brooch is from Hungry Designs, and it's the cutest thing in the world. My necklace is an antique from the 1920's, and I found it in Helsinki recently on my travels. The little 'E' on my necklace is silver with amber, and I bought it at a sea-side market in Helsinki. It stands for 'Elsher', who is an important and beautiful and fantastic super close friend of mine. It was her birthday while I was away, so I bought her a little 'K', and I've been wearing the little 'E'. 

My earrings I bought at a fair recently where I was running a stall for work. I am super into creepy baby-themed pieces lately, as a kind of last-ditch attempt at subverting the dominant something-or-rather. I just bought a whole heaps of cupie-doll heads and I'm going to start making them into earrings and selling them- if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll speed up the process.

The sun is starting to set now and I am sleepy but still incredibly happy. It's amazing how much your environment effects your mood. My psychologist has always been urging me to go spend more time in the sun, but in my old apartment that was just tricky to do and I found myself just staying inside feeling sorry for myself. Now I'm riding my bike, I'm going for walks and feeling generally motivated! 

It's lovely!

So if you get a chance to spend more time outside this week, join me in my new-found ridiculous happiness. Try getting yourself locked outside or something. Works every time!

Hope you're all having a great week!

Katie xxxooo 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Travel and Catching Up

Hallo everyone! 

So it's been a while, and I'm sorry, but I've been jetlagged, bedridden, anxious, all of the above. But I had the most incredible time in the Baltic. There were even been times where I didn't social media in days! Say what!

I've been pretty lucky to be travelling with two of my favourite people in the world, my wonderful partner Oskar and my excellent friend Billy. Fun fact: Billy is the one responsible for the naming of my blog, so props to him, even if it has meant that you can't search my blog name without Google auto-correcting the search to pictures of savoury pancakes. Baby steps.

I don't have much in the way of witty academic repartee to bestow upon y'all today, so I'm just going to post one of many outfits I put together on my travels. There will be more ( much more- my camera is full!) later :-)

I got this lovely vintage skirt at my favourite op-shop back at home, and on this particular day threw it on with one of Billy's spare t-shirts, largely because it was boiling and didn't want to ruin my own clothes with sweat (sorry Billy). 

I wore my brown brogues until they finally died. I am actually still wearing them though. I don't think I will ever learn. 

Shirt: Thanks Billy
Skirt: Thrifted
Socks: Also Billy's
Shoes: Thrifted. Oh my gosh I need to throw them out.
Bag: Antique from Egypt
Gold Bangle: Family heirloom
Rings: Antiques from Helsinki
Choker: From a friend
Necklace: A birthday present from my boyfriend from when we last went to Estonia. It's a beautiful gold love-heart/ swan!

 Now introducing one of the most incredible things I found on my travels:

I got these rings from the same antique shop, and they're silver. The one on my thumb is an antique Finnish graduation ring. Finnish school leavers used to get rings made with their school crest on it, and on the inside they would engrave the year they would all meet again. I super love that idea, so this ring seems really special to me. I can't quite make out the date, but I think (?) it says 1954. Maybe.

I have also bought a ridiculous amount of knick knacks and vintage bits and bobs, like this Russian Bambi record. I don't have a record player, but it looks pretty damn cool on my wall.

And here's a picture of the dock in Helsinki just to make you jealous. Ha!

More from me soon! And I mean much more, so be prepared for kitsch overload.

Lots of love!

Katie xxx