Monday, 29 September 2014

Estonia and Finland Travel Pics!


So if you've been reading my blog, you'll know that recently I went to Finland and Estonia. It was incredible; the 23 hours long days, the forests, the medieval old towns- the whole lot. I thought I'd just share some pictures from my travels/ some of my outfits along the way! This is about a hundredth of the pictures I took on my phone...:\

I took these pictures from the top of a cathedral in Medieval Tallinn, Estonia. Look at all those colours! It's like a Disney village.

Shirt, hat and dress are thrifted. Apron is vintage :-)

I bought these beautiful gloves at a market in Tallinn, Estonia !

Hei little guy!


This was a really beautiful cafe in Helsinki that I spent a lot of time at. It's like an old boat shed, and it was right on the water. When you go inside you find that it is crammed with old knick-knacks, so I felt right at home.

Dress, shirt and everything is thrifted. Thrift4lyf!?!?

And then there was that time that I drank too much and decided to wear a full body fleece zip-up dress. And then try to ride around on a child's tractor.

This was taken at midnight in south Finland!! The midnight sun was absolutely amazing. Imagine going for walks in the forest in the middle of the night and not worrying about the big bad wolf!

My poor boots... I've had to throw them out now.

That's all from me today guys! 

Katie xxxooo

Sunday, 21 September 2014

It's Spring and I'm Gonna Sing!


Today I am posting with no other intention than to show off me being cute. That's about it. It's sunny. I have a cute dress. My hair looks nice. Life is good.

I've been incredibly busy the past week- I got a job at a super cute cafe which is based on Alice in Wonderland, I've had loads of uni assignments, I've been riding my cute bike around and thrifting and diy-ing up a storm with Annika. I've been writing poetry, learning new songs on guitar and singing in the sun. Life is looking pretty pretty right now.

One thing I wanted to briefly point out is that people have commented saying they can't tell that my legs are hairy- which they are in ALL of the pictures I've posted haha! Well, the magic of being a red-head is that my leg hairs, while incredibly thick, are also the colour of sunshine, which is kind of a hard hue for an SLR to pick up apparently. But believe you me- under each of these pretty frocks, I am decked out with some pretty rad leg forests. I have no intention of shaving for the summer so far, but if I do, well whatever. My body etc.

I think hairy legs are cute though. Plus, I need something to balance out the ridiculous amount of hair on my head.

*~Everything in this post is thrifted! Twee!~*

Because it is spring, and because I feel confident, and because there is mention of singing in the title, I thought I would share an embarrassing three-year-old video of me singing a sing-song on YouTube. If you delve deep enough you will find a thousand more. Some are more recent than I would like. And they are all grainy and they are all terrible. But for the sake of getting to know one another, by all means, dive head -first into my embarrassing past!

Love to you all! Enjoy the sun if you're in my neck of the hemisphere, and if not, enjoy the crispy colours of autumn/fall. Also, grow your leg hairs a bit for the week, and go out rocking them in a sweet dress. I dare ya.

Katie xxx

Monday, 15 September 2014

Making Dresses, Boris and and Being Brave

Hallo again!

So last week Annika taught me how to sew and helped me to make my very first dress. The only time I'd made any kind of clothing before was when I was thirteen and I made a top out of a pillowcase... which was of course very fashionable. I put glitter and butterflies on it. I feel like this is probably a step up.

I found the fabric at a vintage market alongside some fantastic Holly Hobby and Raggedy Anne Fabric that I want to use for my next hopeful project! Annika pretty much took over for me at several tricky point but I basically just got a very hand-on tutorial which has inspired me to continue making my own pieces. I've set up a little sewing nook in my new house, which I've posted a picture of on my instagram. 

I am one of the world's most fidgety women, and having something to do with my hands like sewing and embroidering is a really meditative thing for me and stops me from biting and picking my fingernails. Sew Therapy! And plus, the wonderful feeling you get looking at something you've made hanging in your wardrobe (or floor-drobe in my case) is indescribable. Like I've said before, I think it's about time we all look to our achievements and think about just how great it is that we have done some of the things we have. Annika talks about this too in her blog post this week, and about the notion of writing lists of all the cool stuff you've done. Because there is definitely stuff you've forgotten about.

 Like I've said before, good thoughts are like teflon and bad thoughts are like velcro, so unfortunately they're the ones that tend to stick around and pick up other bad thoughts along the way. So lets see if we can work on making 'good' thoughts a little more adhesive.

So while Annika and I were taking these photos we noticed this beautiful car in the street covered by a sheet. We were weighing up the pro's and con's of quickly removing the fabric and getting some sneaky shots when it's owner came out and straight out offered for us to use the car as a prop! Apparently it's name is Boris, who was the man who sold it to him when he was 17. He's had it ever since and regardless of how hard things get, he had made a vow to always keep it registered and running and not to sell it. I am a big fan of people who stick by their values, so this story really bought my respect.

Dress is hand-made from vintage fabric
Cardigan is thrifted
House bag is thrifted by Annika
Shoes are Naot... and are also Annika's
Legs are super hairy
Hair is un-brushed and probably full of lunch

Something my housemate *just* pointed out to me as he walked in on me in my daggy pyjamas eating cereal and writing this blog post is that my hair looks like it has it's own physics engine. It is seriously getting out of hand, and I kind of love-hate it. I do really love these days to dress very "lady-like" but just let my hair do what it wants to do, because, y'know, subvert the dominant paradigm or whatever. Also it makes getting ready much quicker and if you're confident enough people will think you're making a fashion statement when in reality you actually still haven't unpacked your hair brush since you moved in to your new house. 

In these pictures, I am rocking the "I-have-just-straightened-out-my-knots-so-at-least-they-look-like-hair-and-not-animals" look. It's very difficult to achieve and the secret trick is to not let your best friend take any picture of you from behind. Also, wear your hair over to the side so that you can cover you most-knotty side with your least-knotty side. You heard it here first guys, and I run a fashion blog.

Y'know whose hair actually required it's own physics engine? Merrida's from the Disney Pixar movie Brave. She's without a doubt my favourite 'Disney Princess', and while I think the film could have really done with a big dollop of intersectional feminism and POC characters, I think that what we are given is to be celebrated. She's kind of a badass. And I'm going to continuously defend her somewhat because I am very invested in the notion that I am like her, and as a feminist I think that really beats being compared to Ariel from The Little Mermaid all the time just because she's the only other red-headed princess. Also I'm just going to say right now that I didn't like Frozen. At all. Sorry guys. Let it Go.

So all that being said, here is one of my favourite song/moments from Brave! Have a great week guys. Let me know in the comments what things you're proud of achieving recently!
Love, Katie xxx