Sunday, 21 September 2014

It's Spring and I'm Gonna Sing!


Today I am posting with no other intention than to show off me being cute. That's about it. It's sunny. I have a cute dress. My hair looks nice. Life is good.

I've been incredibly busy the past week- I got a job at a super cute cafe which is based on Alice in Wonderland, I've had loads of uni assignments, I've been riding my cute bike around and thrifting and diy-ing up a storm with Annika. I've been writing poetry, learning new songs on guitar and singing in the sun. Life is looking pretty pretty right now.

One thing I wanted to briefly point out is that people have commented saying they can't tell that my legs are hairy- which they are in ALL of the pictures I've posted haha! Well, the magic of being a red-head is that my leg hairs, while incredibly thick, are also the colour of sunshine, which is kind of a hard hue for an SLR to pick up apparently. But believe you me- under each of these pretty frocks, I am decked out with some pretty rad leg forests. I have no intention of shaving for the summer so far, but if I do, well whatever. My body etc.

I think hairy legs are cute though. Plus, I need something to balance out the ridiculous amount of hair on my head.

*~Everything in this post is thrifted! Twee!~*

Because it is spring, and because I feel confident, and because there is mention of singing in the title, I thought I would share an embarrassing three-year-old video of me singing a sing-song on YouTube. If you delve deep enough you will find a thousand more. Some are more recent than I would like. And they are all grainy and they are all terrible. But for the sake of getting to know one another, by all means, dive head -first into my embarrassing past!

Love to you all! Enjoy the sun if you're in my neck of the hemisphere, and if not, enjoy the crispy colours of autumn/fall. Also, grow your leg hairs a bit for the week, and go out rocking them in a sweet dress. I dare ya.

Katie xxx


  1. I wanna give your hairy legs a big ol' hug!
    Also: these photos were totally taken in spring >.>

  2. Gorgeous photos! You're so lovely girl :') so happy to hear life is going good for you! Need to take some positive inspiration from you :) xo

  3. I'm so glad that Autumn has finally arrived here in Los Angeles! It's my favorite season.<3
    And your outfit is so pretty! I used to wear dresses with hairy legs but my legs are extremely hairy; I've seen guys with less arm & leg hair than me. Out of my own personal comfort I now shave, especially since they are very noticeable (I have brown chestnut hair). Hahah
    Btw here is the link to my little mermaid post! Not sure if I sent it to you already, but here you go:

  4. Dear Katie!
    I enjoy your blog so much! It has such a tremendously positive message --even if you write about less happy things--I'm always thrilled to find a new post. :))) Stay strong, happy and as hairy as you wish! :D

  5. You have great skin and great legs.