Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Importance of Having a Favourite Cardigan

So today I want to introduce you to the greatest cardigan in the whole world.

Isn't it amazing?! It is basically the comfiest and most ridiculous cardigan I own. I am staying with my family in the countryside where it is a little chilly and it's perfect flop-around-in-leggings-and-drink-tea weather. This is legitimately my favourite way to dress, and it's best acceasorised with no bra and un-brushed hair stuffed into a comfy beanie.

I think that it is an incredibly important thing to own a comfy cardi or sweater. Anything that makes you feel happy or snug. I think that we don't give enough value to simple things that make us comfortable. It is so important to love yourself enough to be happy to flop around and still feel really good about yourself. I am infamous for achieving levels of comfort previously thought too far from reach. I am known to go out with blankets, for curling my body up in ways that allow me to be comfortable in any circumstance and for joyously celebrating days (more days than most really) that I don't wear a bra. I think that bras are cute- but I'm not comfortable in one for more than an hour. I'm always embarassing my boyfriend by taking off my bra in the movies and shoving it in my bag. I am also capable of getting dressed safely and efficiently in almost any public space because I A. I cannot be bothered to find a bathroom because B. I am prone to being incredibly lazy and C. I have little to absolutely no shame. 

Because I brought no other shoes with me to my mothers, I've had to factor in some not too comfortable shoes into my super-comfy ensemble. But it was just for a quick thrift shop hop. I also love these boots- I got them second-hand at a market a couple of weeks ago

I’m also wearing a flimsy little feminist choker that I made recently, my favourite antique aqua-marine necklace that I bought in Helsinki and this interesting little perfume bottle necklace I found at a market last week. 

What makes you guys feel the most comfortable and at home? Do you think you give yourself enough snug time? If you identify as a wom*n, do you feel like it's harder for you to occupy the space you need to be truly comfortable? Have you ever shoved your bra into your bag while in public? Answer all of these important questions in the comments below. :-)

Hope you're having a great week guys! 

Love, Katie