Sunday, 4 January 2015

Summer 2014/ 2015! (Sorry Northerners)


SO I just wanted to do a catch up post to let you all know how the summer holidays are going. This post would seem like I'm trying to brag to all of my Northern Hemisphere followers- butI have to admit, I'm getting damn sick of this heat. My boyfriend is currently in Finland in the freezing cold and every time he posts a new photo of the winter wonderland I've taken to focusing on it intently in a kind of meditative way to try to get in on some of those cold feels. The worst thing about this heat is that where I am in Sydney, it is mainly humid and tropical, so it feels like the whole world is melting. 

Christmas is usually no exception to this, but this year I flew out to Adelaide to see family and while it was hot, it was mostly dry... okay I realise that the weather is probably not interesting to any of you at all but I kind of feel like this is my life right now. My hands are too sweaty to like, go into my phone and find my weather app, so I've taken to using Siri a lot, just to ask her what the temperature is. And she's always like "lol, still hot, hope you weren't planning on going outside today", and I'm like "hey Siri listen here I think you're a right jerk" and then my housemates are like "hey Katie quit yelling at your iPhone" and then I wake up in a sweaty panic and realise that the whole thing has been a horrible heat-induced fever dream.

I don't even know what I'm saying. My brain is so fried.

So the highlight of my Christmas (I say Christmas- I actually had around 4 family Christmas's this year), aside from all the food and presents and family and love, was the time I walked into my favourite book-shop and they had made a Christmas tree out of books. 

So that's something I'm definitely trying next year, although most of my books aren't as pretty as that.

Another highlight so far is that I finally fixed my SLR, after my dad borrowed it and melted the batteries. So I've been a bit of a wanky photo-grrl, but I love it. It means I can take high-res photos of my budding mango tree.

(There are like a hundred thousand mangoes on this baby and they'll be ready in a couple of weeks. I don't know if I've ever been this excited.)

I can also take creepy shots of my friends in the paddling pool we've set up in the backyard (which is actually Annika's, and I'm really sorry but you're going to have to fight me for it now). My friends and I spent New Years eve and day piled into this amazing life-saving pool. 

And I took stupid artsy photos of the water.

And of the sky.

And of my window (?).

It usually starts to cool down at night, so I've been going on lots of street walks in my super fashionable pyjamas. Fashion fashion fashion.

On one of those walks on the night of New Years day, I found a box of free books that my neighbours set out. They were actually all good quality books so I took them. Thanks neighbours! I'll make a Christmas tree out of books yet.

I've mainly spent my days re-reading The Song of The Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce, which were my favourite books as a kid and kind of set me up for a life of feminism and being a fantasy nerd. Did you know I play Dungeons and Dragons? Well, now you do. I play Dungeons and Dragons.


Haha. Okay so honestly I've mainly been wearing old sweaty t-shirts and my boyfriends underwear, but I've also been saved by this really pretty, comfortable and light dress, which is pretty much the only thing I've worn in the past week.

I bought this dress at an op-shop for $4, and it makes me feel like Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty, or some romantic/whimsical Italian movie. My mum is Italian, and I think I got my hips from her, but in terms of my colouring and hair, there is a super strong Scottish gene in there. 

I've also continued to theme my life around what socks I'm wearing. For example, one day, I decided that everything in the world had to be strawberries.

(socks from Topshop)

I also cannot go to the beach without wearing my new Jellies (second hand from Ebay) and my favourite mermaid socks (also from Ebay). These little buddies go on lots of sea adventures.

I'll wrap it up here today daisies, just wanted to catch up! What have you all been up to?

Super love, Katie xxx