Friday, 13 February 2015

I Bought This Shirt For Someone Else/ What About Me?


(If you're wondering, my obnoxious and constant misspelling of "hello" that I say at the beginning of every post is here to stay, coz it's cute, or whatever.)

I've been pretty busy since my last post, and the most notable thing that has happened is that I got a job in a bookshop! At my university! Woo! So I'm pretty stoked about that. I had some pretty horrible experiences looking for jobs, that I plan to make another blog post about later- feat. sexual harassment, conditioning, and wom*n in the workplace. That will be a fun one, so stay tuned.

(outfit details at bottom of post, including this awesome brooch)

Today I wanted to just take the opportunity to tell you some incredibly interesting and thought-provoking things about myself. Not really. This post was mainly inspired by the first things I saw when I looked around my house.

I also wanted to take pics today because it's the first day in a couple of weeks that I've felt pretty good about myself and wanted to make note of it. I've mentioned before that the heat makes me a bit of a rage monster and recently it has been no different, and I certainly haven't felt like taking pictures of myself in my clothes.

 I pretty much have been wearing clothes for as long as necessary to be socially appropriate and then stripping down as soon as I am home. It also doesn't help that my laundry situation has become entirely unmanageable:

Yeah... I'll get to that. 

But today I was just rummaging through the clean clothes I have left, and I found this shirt that I orignally bought at the thrift shop for Annika's gorgeous boyfie and one of my bestest ever friends Luciano, like months ago. But I put it on coz it looked comfy. And it is. And I like it. So I am taking it back before I have even given it to you. I love you that much Luci.

(Don't really know what I'm doing with my face or hands here)

Okay so lets take it away with a couple of incredibly interesting and not at all mundane fakts about Katie Buddle! That's me.

1. I play the flute.

I've actually been playing the flute for going on 11 years, although I had a bit of a hiatus up until recently when my beautiful mum bought me a piccolo flute to refresh my interest. I really love it, and I'm always kind of surprised when I can just pick it up and play it. I had kind of forgotten I could do that.

2. I have very bushy eyebrows that I used to be very self-conscious of and sadly was bullied about when I was a kid. My mum used to painstakingly pluck and wax them for me because I was so worried about fitting in. Now I just let them do their thing. 

I also get hairs on my chin and sometimes weird hairs on my neck. Thank you, Italian genes. Oh yeah while I'm at it,

3. I am part Italian, and my family are from Reggio Calabria. I have a nonno and a nonna and I am the only one on that side of the family who got a freckly red-head gene, so I tend to stand out a bit at family do's. This is a picture of me, my mama, my nonno, my auntie and my beautiful cousin Jade.

4. I have freckles everywhere. Including my knees, my shoulders and my elbows.

Turns out taking pictures of the freckles on your elbows and knees are really difficult though. At least I tried?

5. I collect dolls. 

This is just a sample. Most of them are safe at my mum's house, and they are all creepy porcelain dolls too. I try to buy dolls from different countries when I visit, and a few of these gorgeous grrls are from Estonia. Annika is also keeping one of my favourite dolls, named (creatively) Katie-Doll, safe at her place for a while, because she fell out of my pocket.

6. I also collect tea cups and tea pots and all related things. This is tricky to do in a share house, so I have taken to surruptiously placing them about the place and delegating them to specific tasks, such as um, toothbrush holder? 

Scrabble piece storage? I don't even know.

This is one cupboard among many that is filled with my tea crap. Good thing we have a big kitchen.

(I only just noticed that underneath my teapot chalkboard and next to the photo of me and Annika is a tiny tiny little toy teacup. I didn't even see that when I took the photo. Far out.

Shirt/ Dress: Thrifted/ Vintage
Winnie The Pooh ring- Thrifted from Helsinki
Earrings: Thrifted/ Vintage

Okay, that's all from me for now, largely because my phone camera has run out of storage space and my SLR needs new batteries. FYI I also collect aprons. I have over 30 of them. Eeep.

Oh, actually

7. I am a feminist. This one should be pretty clear to those who follow my blog, but if not, there you have it. I am a feminist and I collect aprons and teacups. Does that make me less of a feminist? I think nope, and I have already explained my thoughts on femininity and feminism in this post, which was featured in Tigress Magazine.

I think it's also important for you all to know that I do my best to support a feminism which is intersectional in it's approach, meaning that it recognises the intersection between things like race, sexuality, gender identity, class, and ability. 

So far I have tried to address things that are specific to my feminism, such as mental health and body image, but I am hoping to expand this over time. I also don't want to take up space that should be occupied by those experiencing various other points of intersection. I would love to feature guests here eventually, and have a few things lined up- at this point it is mainly down to my organisational skills. If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see on my blog, please let me know!

Love always, Katie xxx


  1. Hey Katie. Thanks for sharing some facts about yourself.

    As I've mentioned before, I would like to hear more on being sex-positive. I would also like to hear about your experiences of being openly feminist. Maybe it hasn't been a big deal for you, but I know a lot of feminists feel as though they can't call themselves that because 'it's a dirty word'.

    I also think it's interesting how you touched on the fact that collecting teacups and aprons doesn't make you less of a feminist. I myself have received criticism because I am a mother, enjoy cooking and identify as a feminist.

    Anyway, take care and rejoice in the fact that Aussie summer is nearly over.

  2. Can't wait to see that post about women in the workplace!
    Cass x

  3. You play flute!? I play flute too! I've also been playing for about 11 years, so we must have started around the same time.

    Do you play much anymore? :)

    1. Hey Jennifer!

      That's awesome, we are flute twins haha! I am trying to play a lot more at the moment, and trying to do more improv kind of stuff. I've also just taught myself the tin whistle which is fun haha!


  4. Hey Katie, I loved reading this post and I can share in the love for teapots and tea related things - being British, however, it does come naturally haha. These little facts about you were really cool, such as you can play the flute?! I'm so in awe of anyone musically talented. Also I'm looking forward to reading your future feminism posts as I find you write them so eloquently and share so many of my own views. Keep being rad!

    Cats In Crop Tops

  5. Love the content that you post on your blog! I also nominated you for the Liebster Award, which you can find on my blog here:

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