Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I Just Really Love Plants

Hallo friends! 

Today I am just waking up from my bloggin nap to post some plant-related things. Because plants are friends. I love plants so much. I might even change my blogs' background to pictures of plants... If you're reading this and there are plants everywhere, I'm sorry! Not.

I am currently house-sitting in Katoomba in my dads little country cottage. He sure has a lot of cute plants. Like lavender! And chamomile!

PLANTS ARE SO CUTE. Look at these little cactus friends:

Plants are even pretty at night time when no one is looking. How do they do that?

Annika and I hanging out with some night time plants:

I am so happy that plants exist.

Look at these little plant friends! They are little earrings I got at a market. How are they so great?

Plants can help you to feel more indie if you're having a crisis! They are there for you, always. See how this plant helps me look better:

LOOK AT THESE PLANTS. THEY HAVE FACES. Undeniable proof that plants are your friends.

Sometimes I think that maybe I am a plant.

Which is Katie? Which is plants? Who knows.

I'll leave you with a video about some more really great plants:

Was this post some kind of irony? No. I just really fucking love plants. And now you know.